Select the right candidates based on their potential.

We help assess and select top candidates for your company by using neuroscience-based games and artificial intelligence. Because where the right people work together, great things happen.

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Imagine having an employee selection tool that can

Predict high-potential candidates for your company based on their abilities.

Increase your workforce diversity and ensure a fair selection for all candidates.

Enable fast selection to avoid losing attractive candidates while saving time and money.

Engage candidates and give them a positive experience with the selection process.

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Be innovative in the way you hire employees.

Take advantage of the newest findings and developments in neuroscience combined with artificial intelligence. See how an unbiased and data driven-approach can improve not only your HR practices but your company as well.

Predict work performance better.

There is a more accurate, objective, and valid way to predict work performance. INSYMBO is built on decades of research in neuroscience with a strong theoretical foundation. It assesses abilities used in real-world situations that show you how candidates behave. This new way helps you select the candidates with true potential for the final interview.

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cognitive and soft abilities
improve the experience with candidate selection

Engage your candidates.

Improve candidate experience during the selection process in your company. Let your candidates play our short and fun games based on neuroscience. They won’t fill any questionnaire or calculate equations. Your selection process will become a positive and unusual experience that improves your employer brand.

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screen and assess candidates faster

Hire candidates faster.

Stop losing top candidates to competitors because of a long selection process. INSYMBO enables you to automate the candidate screening process. You don't even have to be present when candidates play our games. After the quick assessment, you can go directly to a personal interview.

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diversity in the workplace

Increase company diversity.

Create a diverse workforce and get the many benefits that come with it. Our neuroscience-based assessment and artificial intelligence help you level the playing field for all candidates from different ethnic and social backgrounds. This gives you a more diverse pool of candidates with high potential, from which you can choose the right one for each job position and company culture.

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Leverage INSYMBO for smarter hiring.


Better selection

Increase the quality of selected candidates for the personal interview by up to 100%.


Engaged candidates

Improve candidate experience by up to 86% and make your employer brand stand out.


Faster hiring

Reduce time-to-hire by up to 65% and stop losing attractive candidates to competitors.


Diverse workplace

Give all candidates the same conditions and increase workplace diversity by up to 44%.


Lower costs

Reduce recruiting costs by up to 34% while increasing its quality substantially.

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