Candidate selection with neuroscience

Science-based assessment for employee recruitment.

Leverage neuroscience, data science, and AI for smarter hiring. Identify and hire the right candidates based on their cognitive and non-cognitive abilities.

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Neuroscience in recruiting.

The abilities employees use to perform their daily activities are inextricably linked to the brain. Neuroscience studies the brain, and that makes it the ideal tool for employee recruitment. As the modern working world becomes more dynamic, recruiters need to find and evaluate abilities that are important to every role in a company. Neuroscience, with its strong theoretical foundation and an objective approach, can do this. This makes it a tool with enormous potential for improving the employee selection process.

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Neuroscience in candidate selection

Fair conditions with the games.

Recruiters don't have to go for big and loud devices to apply neuroscience in the recruiting process. Our games are based upon decades of neuroscience research, and candidates can play them at ease from their homes. The games objectively and directly assess cognitive and non-cognitive abilities that are important to each role. This helps level the playing field for candidates from different backgrounds and opens the door to creating a diverse work environment.

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Fair neuroscience-based games in candidate selection

Finding the right fit for your company.

Finding the right employees and creating symbiosis in the workplace is essential for every company. The same goes for employees who want to be in a role that suits them. Because the working world is dynamic and each job has different needs, there is no ability to fit all roles. Some are suitable for some jobs, while others are not. Our games, data science, and AI are the perfect combination to find which abilities a company needs and who the right fit is.

Find the right candidate

Advantages of using INSYMBO in employee selection.

Fair conditions

Fair conditions

Using INSYMBO in the selection process enables to set equal conditions for all candidates. This doesn’t benefit just candidates, but workplaces as well as they can become more diverse.

Neuroscience-based games

Games backed by science

Our candidate assessment consists of 10 short games lasting approximately 25 minutes. The games have been used in neuroscience research for decades and have a strong theoretical foundation.

Objective report

Objective report

We objectively evaluate more than 30 cognitive and non-cognitive (socio-emotional) abilities that employees use in real-world situations. Our report represents the output of the unique behavior of anyone who plays our games.

Unique algorithms

Customized algorithms

INSYMBO provides custom-made algorithms for every company to find the right fit for individual roles and company culture. This predictive approach eliminates bias and creates symbiosis in the workplace.

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